I Don't Have The Energy To Get Out Of Bed

  Getting out of bed is still a win believe it or not. When you have depression, when you have anxiety, when you have any of those crappy extreme emotions that seem to be lingering for a while.

 Sometimes getting out of bed is still a win. 

You may know what it’s like to have no energy, no hope, and no desire to do anything. Just wanting to lay in bed all day, barely wanting be on your phone, barely even want to watch tv. Just laying in bed all day with your eyes closed or just staring at the wall doing nothing because you have energy for absolutely nothing.


  When you put in that extra extra effort to be able to get up, start your day and try to go about life, even when that’s the last thing you want to do, is definitely a win. Even if you take the day off work, you get yourself up make yourself some food,maybe go for a walk, that’s a solid win. Getting up out of bed when you’re just feeling absolutely powerless is a great feat of strength believe it or not.


  During these harsh times when we’re not feeling our best if we can at least notice the effort that we put in even if it seems so minuscule, like getting out of bed or making our bed.if we praise ourselves for that especially when we’re feeling our worst it helps build that confidence and then develop coping mechanisms to be able to knock it out of the park in the future.

If you’re feeling like crap tomorrow maybe you get out of bed and call somebody that’s a big win. Count up those
little wins because they’re actually big wins, give yourself more credit because you do deserve it. Have you ever heard of the saying

 “you’re trying and that’s all that matters”  that’s the kind of way you need to treat yourself.

  You need to give yourself a break especially when you’re feeling absolutely dreadful. If you’re trying and putting in work on the bad days, it’s going to be a lot more effort than if you’re having a good day where putting an effort is relatively minimal. It’s a lot easier to anything when you’re in a better mood but when you’re feeling terrible it’s hard to put in that extra effort and that extra effort usually goes towards just doing normal activities that you would have done if you were feeling okay.


  When you’re feeling like crap, when you’re feeling down and you feel like you have no energy whatsoever and you still go out and accomplish things you should definitely be very proud of yourself. Cut yourself some slack, no one’s supposed to be on their game all the time and then if you want to say well “i’ve been off my game for a while,” find out why, get somebody to talk to. Maybe it’s time to go get a therapist just to even get a consultation.


  No matter what, you don’t give up on yourself just because you’re feeling low. If you take anything away from what i said today it is definitely a win if you can still get yourself up when you’re feeling your worst and if you can’t today give your best shot tomorrow and then praise yourself for it because you do deserve it. It is a rough time to be going through especially if you have depression, especially if you have high anxiety. Just get out of bed, go for a walk, no matter what don’t be down on yourself for whatever you don’t accomplish it’s all right. There is always tomorrow.


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