You’re probably saying to yourself, what the hell does sunrise time have to do with anything? Everything and nothing. Most of the greatest turning points, have a threshold. The threshold is the turning point from problem to solution. I like to label it, Sunrise Time aka time to RISE AND GRIND. This is the point of waking up from your “sleep” with the drive that cannot stop.

All of us have dreams, goals. Something that we reach for, something that we are willing to do anything to achieve. We have something that we have always felt that it was destiny, or that we were “made” to do. Each individual has a unique, personally tailored dream. A goal to work towards with the expectation that all our problems will be solved and true happiness will be achieved.

What is your goal? How are you working toward it each day? Are there things that you prioritize over the pursuit of your dream? Or do you live your life to ensure that the dream is fulfilled?

We need to make sure that we are taking steps in the right direction each day toward this goal instead of leaving it as a landmark in the distance that may or may not end up in the journey. When we have an outlined plan, executing it becomes more of a reality than wishful thinking. Take your dream, research how others have done similar things, outline a plan , create smaller checkpoint goals that help reassure that you’re on the correct path and make the right sacrifices.

If you’re trying to be a world class bodybuilder, than maybe your love of sugar needs to be sacrificed. Your daily wants and impulses SHOULD NOT prioritize over your goal. If you truly want your dream then giving up the unnecessary should be easy. If you want to be a world class marathon runner, then maybe your 4 beers every night has to be eliminated. If you want to be a concert pianist, maybe you should practice piano instead of spending 4 hours on facebook.

What are you willing to sacrifice for your true happiness?


Eliminate Distractions:

Use Checkpoints & Small Goals:

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