Mental Health Awareness Matters

We exist for the ones persisting to fight for their happiness through the darkness and those supporting their loved ones through their pain. Who want know what it feels like to be heard and to connect with other caring individuals. We are here because we understand what it feels like to be alone and unheard, dealing with mental illness. So our mission is to bring together a
family of people who appreciate others going through the same situations, and want to make a difference.

Your Focus Should Be Self Care, Not Figuring Out EVERYTHING Else.


In the fight against mental illness, knowledge is power. This is a fantastic place to utilize some fantastic education tools and trainings that will help you on your journey of making a difference.

Be An Advocate & GET INVOLVED

It truly takes an incredible person to have such an interest in making a difference.  Here are some ways you can help us make a change!

Join the Relentless Nature Family

No you dont have to be. a pro athlete, or have a bajillion followers. What matters is that you're a real person who wants to be apart of this incredible family. Assist us in changing the way people view mental health, creating a more kind and understanding world.

Your Story Matters

Every persons story, point of view and life lessons truly are invaluable. Sharing can give so much hope and faith. You are never alone when dealing with difficulties regarding depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders. You never know how much your story can help someone, till you share it.