You Never Know The Burden Someone Else Carries

It seems like we rarely put ourselves in others shoes. We expect others to conform to our idea of normality and to their specific job or duty in our lives. Expecting friends to be there for us, professionals to act perfect and provide the best services, family is expected to be supportive and caring and on and on. 


  We forget that every single person we interact with, has their own life and has their on experiences that has shaped who they are as an individual. We don’t allow people to have bad days, or any little flaws or else we judge them. Having these set expectations of how everyone should behave toward us or else it “throws us off” or puts us in a bad mood.


  When we have a preconceived notion on how someone is supposed to behave and then they act a little different, we perceive them as being in the wrong. We never truly consider the fact that they are a feeling person and may have a reason for their change in personality, no matter how slight. Gather more information instead of judging that person on their mood and labeling them as a jerk, closed off or a hard ass, And the only way to do that, is ask!!


  Get to know the person before you decide who they are.You hate for others to judge you, then don’t judge another. Get to know them.If you choose to be negative toward someone else outward appearance or behavior, then you are just priming your subconscious to avoid all the possibilities of what that person is going though. Making you less caring, and more cynical.

You never know the burden someone else carries.

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