3 Amazing Coping Skills That Work

  Art is a fantastic coping mechanism, whether that be drawing, sculpting, painting or any other types of art. Personally I’m terrible at painting definitely like a child, actually that’s very mean to say about children’s paintings there are probably a lot of children who do way better painting than me. I’d say drawing is one of my best coping mechanisms. 

  Just grab a piece of paper start drawing something, whatever is on your mind or something that you see. Also can just go through your phone and find a picture to copy and recreate. It’s a really good way to distract yourself from whatever you’re thinking about just to focus really heavily on what’s going on in the image.


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  I always like just doodling funny scenes, having little characters do stupid things. The point is it’s just supposed
to be enjoyable, there’s not really supposed to be too much mental focus behind it, just more or less distracting your hands and distracting your mind with something that’s relaxing.

  I definitely have to say one of the other incredible coping skills that i’ve used and it’s not really just a it’s not even a skill, anyone can do it. Just go onto youtube and find something either funny motivational or something that has to do with a topic that you’re interested in. It is a great tool to try whenever i’m stressed out, whenever i’m feeling overwhelmed, or anything that I don’t want to be feeling. I always try and go to youtube to find something either to be productive and learn something that I didn’t know about something that I care about. 

  Even watching cat videos, cat videos are fantastic.Just finding something that grabs your attention and like we said earlier it just distracts your mind. It could be either mindless or it can be something truly beneficial to your mind it’s up to you but the point is you’re removing the focus off of the stressing stimulus.

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  My last favorite coping mechanism is to go out and do something active. There is a correlation between exercise and mental illness. Certain exercises actually will help depression symptoms dissipate, certain exercises will actually do the same for anxiety. Exercise and moving is just so great for your body and your mind. Even if you’re really not that much of an active person, if you go out and do something active it’s definitely going to distract you and dump some positive neurotransmitters to combat the negative emotions.

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