Coping Skills

Before we break down the many different coping skills, we need to address a few key points called Steps To Recovery.
These steps are precursors to a successful routine and assist heavily with creating a solid foundation for your coping skills to be more effective in the long run.

Successful Steps To Recovery

Identify triggers or situations that lead to the negative emotional responses.
-Anniversary of a loss
-Negative Substances Like Alcohol or Drugs
-People Who Frequently Cause Stress 
 Eat right, don’t skip meals
-This may seem basic, but your body and MIND need proper nutrients
-When our brains and bodies do not have enough rest, this increases the chances for the body to be more susceptible to stress and sickness.
Build your support network. Surround yourself with positive influences and people who make you feel good about yourself. The more you’re invested in other people and your community, the more you have to lose—which will help you stay positive and on the recovery track.
Make a safety plan. Develop a set of steps that you can follow during a emotional crisis. This will also include phone numbers for:
-your doctor/therapist,
-family members
these are the people that you specifically know will help in an emergency.

Make a written schedule 
for yourself every day and stick to it, no matter what. Keep a regular routine as much as possible, even when your feelings seem out of control.


Control Your Environment

*Clean or organize your environment
*Get to a comfort location
*Limit Amount Of Individuals Around You
   *Go For A DRIVE
    *Be alone

Control Your Feelings About Others

*Serve Someone In Need
*Care for or play with a pet
*Encourage others
*Be sure to make time for your loved ones
*Give support to others when needed and accept support from others when needed

Control Your Body

*Eat healthy foods
Pick An Amount of Time, 3,4,5 seconds
Breathe In 1. 2. 3.
Hold 1. 2. 3.
Breathe Out 1. 2. 3.
Hold 1. 2. 3. Repeat
Set up a consistent, healthy regiment.
*Set a distance- Or not: Just Get Out, Try To Set A Consistent Pace, And MOVE!

Control Your Thoughts

-Write a list of pros and cons for decisions
-Things that make you happy
-Positive Life Events
-Gratitude list
-Write a list of goals
-Write a list of strengths
*Pick a color, count all the objects in the vicinity of that specific color
*Brainstorm Solutions  *Lower your expectations of the situation
*Compare To Situations you’ve experienced in the past.
-How long did those take to resolve?
-Was it as bad as you expected to be?
*Keep an inspirational quote with you
*Youtube Videos:

If you have any recommendations on coping skills that you use, please feel free to send them in. Knowledge is power and you truly make a difference in someones life with the information you share.

what you have to say matters.

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