Look Beneath The Surface: Body Shaming

We live in a world so focused on appearance leading to body shaming. This can discourage so many people and make them feel hopeless in the pursuit of positive relationships. We all have insecurities, but when they are tied to our physical appearance, it can make us even more anxious on how the world sees us. When you begin avoiding certain situations because of your appearance, the world is missing out on you.

Your personality is not defined by your appearance, someone who is larger or smaller than average, does not have a defined personality.  So when you decide that you are less deserving of love because your appearance, remember, beautify is defined by how you treat others. You cannot deny yourself love and happiness because you are uncomfortable in your own skin. It may feel like others will not give you the time of day because of the way you look, and if that is the case, then they were not worth your time anyways.Loving people do not define others by the size of their body but by the size of their heart.

As we work our way from the outside in. We will start with this question is personality determined by appearance? 
It seems like such a silly thing to ask, yet each one of us is guilty for judging someone based off of the way they look, especially when we are looking at someones weight.
The perspective that individuals who seem to weight more than ourselves, or appear to be larger in their physical statue, are some how not to be associated with.
There is truly no excuse that we should distance ourselves or treat another different based off their weight, this is a form of body shaming as well.
Who are we to determine the size that one is supposed to be?
Most may not even have a definite reason of avoiding this person and  will not break past the idea of their physical weight, yet for some reason this seems like a valid reason not to interact with another.
As humans, we do not have the right to determine a persons value by the size of their waist.
 There is no possible way of defining beauty by appearance, it is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE.
Ones weight is not just determined by life choices and laxed eating habits.
There are many other variables that could also be at play.
Did you know that weight can also be determined by an overactive or under-active thyroid?
Also can be seriously affected by whatever medications the person is required to take as well.
There are a handful of other reasons, but honestly, it is not our job to figure them out so that we can understand why someone appears the way they do.
Our job is to be accepting. If you cannot find a truly legitimate reason why physical statue defines a humans personality, then this is something personally you need to adjust.
By understanding why a belief may be there, you can begin to release its power over you. Maybe someday we can shift the paradigm from everyone has to be skinny, to the paradigm that body shaming is unacceptable for anyone.
Our society as a whole has placed an emphasis on being “healthy” by being within a specific weight range, by carrying a specific percentage of fat to body mass percentage.
We have defined the foods that are unhealthy to eat, with the fast food restaurants, tv dinners, fried food and so on.
Coming to the conclusion that any individual who is “overweight” must be consuming these foods on a daily basis because they are lazy and have no self control.
Did you know, a majority of the population DOES NOT EAT HEALTHY FOOD. h
In our minds, we link the fact that being overweight is to be avoided, the way to avoid being over weight is to eat healthy and exercise, but, our subconscious breaks down that statement to that look more like this… “Overweight is bad.”
Now not only viewing the path to putting on excess weight as avoidable, but the but now seeing those who are “overweight”, as avoidable.
So just because someone carries more weight than another, there is a large chance that the “smaller” person eats just as poorly, or even worse.
Many people are blessed with the genetics that keep them thinner no matter the amount of unhealthy food they consume.
There are many people who cannot lose weight who are extremely conscious of the food they eat, trying to choose natural foods over fried,processed and sugars.
So I’ll ask again in a different way.
Does someones weight define their capability of love? Does it define their ability to have dreams? Does it restrict them from having emotions? Wanting happiness?
The only size that matters is the size of your heart.


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