Why Am I Like This?

We’re really going to address how family can be the most toxic thing in your life. Now when I say that i’m not saying that all families are toxic, that is obviously a very bold statement. What i’m trying to say is that the family dynamic can have a lot of influence on anybody involved. There are different aspects of this dynamic that can lead to many mental illnesses that are emotional based and some psychosis based as well.

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When you look at your family, they are technically the closest human beings to you. Closest in proximity, in your relationships, and closest based off of time. For the most part, the family is who you’ve been with since day one, not only that, the’ve been responsible for your upbringing. Many of you may know the first five to seven years your life, your brain’s like a sponge, soaking up everything from your surroundings. For the beginning years of your life, your family is it, that is your life, your way of survival is your family. They are also your school. 

   Teaching your social skills and how they treat you for many years of your life may be the way you perceive as normal. Think about that.


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  The horrible fact about this is this is where you truly get your self-worth from. If you were treated poorly, you may see this is the norm and you also identify that as the treatment you expect to receive. When you go out into the real world, that’s what you look for. People don’t look for abusive relationships but they find the people that are most like their family members. The subconscious and conscious mind correlate the negative behavior with the norm of how they’re supposed to be treated, no matter how wrong it is.

  A family truly has the ability to make someone’s life easier or extremely difficult so be conscious because your words in your family carry more weight than you’ll ever know. If i’m speaking to a parent right now, be conscious of the way you talk to your children. That is the most important thing in the world. You are defining their value of themselves and their understanding of how the world is.


  If you have a child, you are taking care of a young person, or if you’re taking care of anybody, you treat them with love and respect. That will ensure the type of individual you will put out into the world, shows love and respect and looks for that in their relationships.If not, a toxic parent or toxic family members can make or break someone’s perceptions, making life more difficult for them. It is not guaranteed to ruin anyones life, but takes more time for them to change their perceptions on the world and they need to have better people come around.


  If you take anything from what I said today, show your family love. You never know how much your words mean to your family members and to your young ones make sure that they see the best that they see the right way to treat others. Teach them that they are valuable that they matter because later on in their life it will make a big difference


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