The Worst Case Scenario Always Seems To Happen

Almost everybody deals with this, believing that the worst case scenario is gonna happen. Anything happens,you’re just your mind goes to boom, the worst thing can happen. What’s gonna happen? The worst thing of course because that makes the most sense right?

Every time something bad has happened to us it was the worst possible situation that could have happened?It was definitely the way we could have imagined it right? The issue is how do we get our minds to stop going to that place where we’re just believing the absolute worst?

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“I’m gonna get a zero on the test.”
“He’s gonna break up with me because he thinks somebody else is attractive.”
“I’m gonna die because it’s raining outside”


  Believing in the worst negative scenario is just unnecessary, but it’s easier said than done and obviously by just saying it’s unnecessary doesn’t mean that bam it’s no longer an issue. The point is that we need to recognize
in that moment when that thought pops up because you know it in your rational mind that the worst case won’t happen, but your emotional mind is getting caught up in the possibilities.

  You know when you go into that test you’re not getting an absolute zero unless you literally don’t answer a thing on it. You knew that every time you went driving in the rain you didn’t die. The scenarios are endless and you already know what worst case scenarios you’ve played in your own head for countless situations and did it actually happen?
Not only that, did you actually realize afterwards, wow it wasn’t that bad.


  We need to prepare ourselves as soon as those thoughts pop up in your head we need to reassure, okay the worst case scenario is not going to happen and then here’s examples why. Your brain is a sassy b**** and it does not like to be told no or told that it’s wrong but if you repeatedly show it information that proves that it’s wrong, it can’t do anything but accept the fact that it’s wrong.

If you keep showing it multiple instances where it is wrong then it will realize that it has made a mistake and that the worst case scenario is not going to happen. The world’s not going to end, the worst case scenario never happens and you can handle it but you need to start by being proactive when the thought comes up remind yourself why that thought is wrong.

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