The Best Way To Deal With People You Don't Like

The world is full of so many people. Which means, so many different perspectives, likes, dislikes, goals and belief systems. You have your own mindset regarding these topics, but that does not mean you alienate those who are “too different” than you. There are so many individuals with extreme perspectives on certain topics. But you need to remember, beliefs are formed based off of life experiences and what we were taught.


  Every single person has their own reason for behaving the way they do and believing the things they believe, no matter how far fetched it seems from your own perspective. It is not our job to judge those who think in opposition to us, it is our job to coexist. As long as no one is physically harming you, or emotionally attacking you, then you need to learn to coexist. That doesn’t mean you agree with their beliefs. It just means you are accepting the fact that they are a human with every right to have their own specific perspective. There is no reason for someones belief to cause an emotional reaction in you.


  There are many people who are racist, sexist, against same sex relations, hyper political, super religious and so forth. As long as these people are not harming you, then they do not deserve an emotional response. Dealing with racism throughout my whole life, I’ve realized, I will not change the mind of everyone by responding emotionally…. I will change the mind of each individual that interacts with me and sees that I am human. We cannot fight extreme perspectives with extreme emotions, that may only further affirm their perspectives.



  So the best way to deal with people is to be accepting and be the best individual that you can be, and you’ll be surprised how many people you can positively influence.

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