Our Emotions Are Temporary

Anybody can change at any point in time, they are not always feeling something for her whole life, that’s very rare and nearly impossible. Let’s examine what its like if we’re feeling sad i mean not just sad, thats very bleak and in-descriptive, if you’re feeling deeply depressed…


  How are you viewing the world? Because I can speculate you’re probably viewing the world as the glass is nowhere near as full as it needs to be, it could be all the way to the top and you still are saying

the world reflects how we feel

” I hate that glass
I don’t like what’s inside it
i’m not drinking nothing i’m just going to look at it
m going to knock it over
it i’m over it…”

  The point is ,the glass can be full and that doesn’t matter it still is never enough and your perspective is that everything is negative. We know that’s not permanent, we know that we’ve previously felt positive emotions.When you’re caught up in an emotion its like wearing goggles that alter your perspective so that what you’re seeing is going to be from that specific feeling. If you’re feeling hurt and angry guess what you’re going to be lashing out, you’re going to see everybody as aggressors. You’re going to see at almost everybody as possibly a trigger and you know somebody could give you a passing glance and maybe looking at you in a positive way like,

  “Oh hey that person looks nice today” and you see it as that person wanted to fight me right there on the street they looked at me like boom they wanted to fight right there.


  You know that’s not true you just know that when you’re in a bad mood, you’re going to feel worse and you’re going to feel paranoid about other situations because you’re going to be on edge. 

  We need to remind ourselves that our emotions can definitely play tricks on us especially if we’ve been feeling negative for a while. 

  Our emotions are really temporary, just like being in a room, each emotion serves a purpose just like each room serves a purpose but guess what, you cannot be trapped in a room forever. Even if you’re in jail it lets you walk around for a little while you get out of the room but the point being is you’re never in one emotion forever.


  A fantastic coping mechanism to try, when i’m feeling crappy, when i’m feeling my worse, when i’m feeling angry, I need to remind myself remind myself remind myself that emotions are temporary and they are sometimes playing tricks on me.


 Being in a poor or crappy emotion changes your perspective to be viewing the world through how you feel. start to try to see the world more matter-of-fact, than focusing heavily how you feel during that time period.


  If you take anything away from what I told you today again remind yourself that your emotions are temporary and they definitely can play tricks on you this is something that you can repeat and help you rationalize when you’re feeling terrible. You can do it you can overcome the feelings and you can overcome this repetitive feeling of being beaten down or feeling like you have no more energy because your emotions are taking up all of it. Start adding coping skills and it will make a difference.  


our emotions are temporary
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