Just Do Your Best

Mistakes, or as you may call them the end of the world. When someone or yourself makes a mistake what happens? Does the world end, does the sky fall, does the earth crack beneath your feet, and does god tell you that you’ve messed up? No, it doesn’t, what happens? Nothing, nothing happens.

Of course, there are mistakes where you do something that you’re not supposed to and you may hurt somebody’s feelings, but if it was a mistake, you apologize, you sincerely apologize and you move on. Make a mistake at work, what happens? You apologize, you learn from your mistake, you move on.

Let’s define a mistake, a mistake is usually caused by rushing, when you’re not thinking when your mind is cluttered and you’re thinking about something else while you’re doing an important task. You mess up and human error is natural. Nothing and no one in this world are absent of error, that is a fact there’s not one person in this world that has not made a mistake, not one. No one’s perfect.

What’s the purpose of the mistake? A mistake is an emotional memory of what not to do again.

 A mistake may make you feel like crap during the time being but you’re gonna remember it, you’re gonna remember so you don’t do it again. It’s just human survival. Back in the caveman era if somebody, if someone made a mistake it could have cost them their life. We have our emotions as responses to stimuli to protect us. Touch the fire, hot pain, mistake don’t do it again, we move on. We need to see every mistake just like that, if you don’t learn from the mistake, that is the issue.

If something is intentional then it’s not a mistake. if you purposefully try to wrong somebody then
that’s your fault, you’re in the wrong, end of the story. When you make a mistake yes you feel crappy about it that is the purpose, you’re supposed to feel something after you make an error so it doesn’t occur again and that’s it. That is all there is to it, you get up, you move on you learn and you try not to do it again.

I want you to think about the last time that you embarrassed yourself, made a mistake, who was around? Do they still remember? Okay and if you can say yes they do remember, do they see the situation as a joke? As something that doesn’t even matter at this point? Because I can tell you if it was a mistake you are truly the only person who never remembers it negatively.

If you take away anything from what I said, go out and make mistakes learn you know what make as many mistakes as you can, is the world gonna end? No, unless you’re in the government don’t be messing around with the buttons, but we’re not gonna talk about you, I’ll stay on point.

I’m talking about all of us just in our normal lives, we can make mistakes. we can make a thousand mistakes today. if you learn from a thousand mistakes, you’re a thousand times smarter. Every business owner who makes a mistake and learns from it and learns from the next one is the one who ends up becoming successful.

It doesn’t get better when one sees a mistake as a problem, that they’ve messed up so badly and they’re going to continually be upset about it but never learn. When you choose to make a mistake as a learning process and realize,” yeah I’m going to feel crappy about this because that’s natural, let me learn something about it so it
doesn’t happen again” guess what you’re better because of it.

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