If You Don't Stand For Something Stand For Someone

  If you don’t stand for something, stand for someone. we’re gonna go over what that means and what it’s all about. So what does it really mean, if you don’t stand for something stand for someone? These days it’s hard to really have something that motivates you to get up in the morning, yes you may be driven to achieve your goals of being the best in the office, you know getting that promotion or playing a sport. Do we have any goals that are not just specifically about us? When we have a goal that is dedicated towards somebody else or being selfless. 

One of two things can happen you can have an extreme amount of passion and drive towards it or you can put on a little effort and say hey like I did it I helped out did my time volunteered, which is great as well.


  When we talk about if you don’t stand for something stand for someone, is that if you search deep in your heart and your mind right now… what drives you? If it’s not your dream for the future, if it’s not something you’ve always wanted to achieve or helping out your family, anything like that, then stand for someone. It literally means go out and be selfless, that means change your mindset from how can I help myself to how can I help others. 


  Helping others does not have to be giving half your paycheck to all the homeless people out in the street every other week.Helping others means you want to be that shining example of how humans are supposed to behave, so that means when you go in public you’re a kind caring human being. You go extra above and beyond. Meaning you see somebody who looks sad on the side of the street who you’ve never talked to, now you’re going to walk up to them say hey how are you doing? What’s going on? Do you need someone to talk to? 


  I know this is weird and I know it’s uncomfortable but the problem is that we’ve been so focused on our phones, so focused on stuff that doesn’t really matter, that we’re ignoring the people around us. Even if it’s not engaging with strangers, show more interest in your loved ones. Live with your head up, look around.


  If you don’t stand for something stand for someone pretty much says not only do you matter but everybody else matters just as much as you do. if you’re feeling all right be a little extra positive for somebody else and if you’re having a bad day you’re going to be hopeful that somebody’s going to be a little extra positive towards you. it’s just a give and take thing because the more and more people who believe in it the more and more of a supporting society that we can have. Which I know is very naive and but it’s also possible, it really is, and then you have your outliers who the jerks can just stay off to the side.


  The other aspect of if you don’t stand for something stand for somebody, there are a lot of people out there who cannot speak up for themselves one way or another either they are not emotionally capable or they are not physically capable or possibly intellectually incapable. There are people out there dealing with severe mental illness who cannot communicate their needs and their wants. Guess what if you can and you feel confident in your heart, then stand for them, because if you don’t stand for something stand for someone.


  Every single person has the exact same goal they want to be happy no matter if you were born a world-class athlete, sorry obviously you’re not born a world-class athlete blah blah blah blah don’t be harass me in the comments about that, obviously you work towards it. If you were born 100% physically healthy with no emotional disorders or anything then find someone who has a rougher life and be there for them, show them that it doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, somebody else cares about you. every person wants the same thing


  A little history on myself i’ve been playing soccer since I was six years old, I had the pleasure of starting on most of the soccer teams, i’ve played on. I played in college, won nationals. You can say i’ve had a successful career in soccer. There may be somebody who loves soccer with all their heart, who cannot play it, they could have some physical disabilities or a mental illness that makes it difficult or impossible for them to play sports. That’s why for three years I coached this soccer team of children and young adults with varying illnesses. To see them get to play on the field and show more appreciation for being able to play: one that made me feel like a piece of crap because I took advantage of the incredible time I had playing soccer and took for granted that i’m healthy and I get to do play the sport competitively. Instead, my thought process was I expect to be the best, I expect to do this, I expect to do that, I never even considered there are people out there who want to do what I can do, who physically cannot. Those are the ones I decided to stand for.


  If you take anything away from what I say today, if you don’t stand for something, stand for someone. If you feel like you can be a friend to someone or if you feel like you can be a little extra positive in your day to somebody who’s a little down, please do it.

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