If you decide to continue the cycle of hurt you are never truly free from the pain.

Many times that we are hurt or wounded by another,  the first reaction is anger. To respond by lashing back, by being mean and many times by hating that person. We sometimes overreact to the situation because the person “should know better.” In many of these situations this person hits a nerve or sore spot based off personal triggers, that they may have no possibility of knowing. 


  Once the initial damage had been done, it is truly up to us to make sure the pain does not ripple. When we choose to embrace anger and remove our reasoning, the pain continues. Depending on the gravity on the situation, someone may have hurt you without intention. Like we said earlier, striking a nerve that they did not know existed. Or someone could have hurt you intentionally, in which the best initial response is distance, not anger.It can be so difficult when all your emotions are telling you to react.


  Breathe. Relax. You can get through this. Remove yourself from the problem and then rationalize. If they could have made a mistake, try to be understanding. If they did it on purpose, reevaluate you’re relationship, but do not seek revenge. It’s not worth it. Be free from the pain, it’s not worth making it worse on yourself

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