Bottling It Up Doesn't Work

  We’re going to focus on one of those negative coping skills that is honestly one of the worst things that you can do. I know that sounds dramatic but it honestly is, besides using drugs or alcohol to cope with your emotions. Ignoring your emotions altogether honestly that is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Ignoring, pretend like it’s not happening and just bottling it up is not helpful. 

  Emotions aren’t those things that can just go away if you stop focusing on them, they don’t just disappear.They may subside or lessen for the time being but unless you deal with what’s going on, they’ll just keep coming back and coming back and the next time it comes back it could be worse.



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  If you ignore it, it’s still there, the problem does not just magically get handed off to the problem fairy who takes care of it and then tomorrow you wake up and there’s no more issue. A problem gets solved when you deal with it. Dealing with your emotions is a more difficult battle because usually it involves getting to the root of that emotion, initially what the is cause, what is the trigger and then finding ways to cope with it.

  Getting assistance outside of yourself works well because you don’t have to do it alone, there are people that you can talk to whether that be a professional, a friend or whether that just be a peer who understands what you’re going through. No matter what is you need to find the proper way to deal with your emotions


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It’s like if you were a kid first time driving mom’s car and you just so happened to dent it and it looks dreadful. Instead of letting her know and dealing with it, you’re gonna try and hide it by parking the car in a strategic spot so your mom doesn’t see it . Then when she finally sees it, you say “oh my, what happened, what happened somebody hit your car mom.” The problem wasn’t dealt with, she knows you lying and you still feel like crap for denting your mom’s car.When a problem is not dealt with, it persists until there is an explosion. I know that was just a terrible example sorry but you get my point.


  If you take anything away from what I said today, do not bury it down do not bottle it up. Open up talk to somebody look for help. Looking for help does not mean always going to the hospital and finding a therapist. Getting help means finding somebody to talk to or finding youtube videos and figuring out also what calms you what makes you happy and what helps.

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