3 Ways To Manage Depression

  I’m gonna leave a lot of solid tips and hopefully you take something away from this and one of the first things to do is to identify what is your triggers. You may be saying, I don’t have any triggers, first try and do a little detective work on seeing what happened before I started feeling like this. You may be absolutely right you may not actually have a trigger. The trigger may not be something specific it, could just be the the general feeling of being overwhelmed, just adding up of all of the daily stresses. Either way that’s a trigger.

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  Be mindful. Is there a lot of stresses that are going on in your life right now more than normal? Are you frequently dealing with stressful situations in your life that are constantly keeping you down? The point is figure out what is bringing you down.

One of the most important parts is developing coping skills.

  These are just ways to deal with the emotions during the time being. While you’re experiencing them, when you’re feeling depressed, finding those things that help you get out of consistently feeding into those emotions. That may be physical exercise, which is a great coping mechanism. What if you’re depressed and you’re at work then it’s just about finding something else that you can do.It’s like a mental game. Journaling is great, writing out the positives, they may seem like basic ideas, but it is proven to work.

Here is a link to may different coping skills: www.relentless-nature.com/coping-skills

  The next thing that’s very important is reaching out for connections, whether that be a friend a family member, peer, myself or going on to a facebook group and connecting with people with your specific issue is always great. Go on reddit, facebook groups or any forum and search the specific thing that you’re dealing with. Then it’ll be easier to find out if there’s somebody else who understands and who has shared their story.

  One of the most important things to do is look for connections to prove that you’re not alone in this situation. If you’re getting annoyed with me saying you’re not alone, sorry you’re not alone, you’re not alone


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  I think the last thing that you really don’t want to hear this from me but talk to a therapist. This may be just for an initial consultation but talk to a professional (and don’t lie to them) let them know how you feel let them know what’s going on. I can tell you personally it works I can tell you from the side of talking to therapists to get help. 

  I’ve worked with incredible therapists and i’ve seen them do wonderful things. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and finding somebody to talking to a professional. That does not mean you’re crazy. Wanna know what’s crazy? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result. You can’t expect happiness by letting the depression win.

  If you take anything away from what I said today, use the coping skills, reach out for a friend. You’re not the only one dealing with depression, so guess what, it’s not a problem that’s unsolvable. It’s been solved many times and many people have been helped and so many people have gotten so much better.

Have Hope.


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