Whoever Said Walking Away Is Cowardly, Lied

When we’re caught up in a situation that is high stress, sometimes it is so difficult to see a better solution then the ones flashing in our minds.  In the moment, it seems we can only focus on a few choices and they never seem to be preferable. The most important thing is recognizing that we can be more rational when we are not directly in-front of the issue.

But Walking Away Is Cowardly…



 Distancing yourself mentally or physically can make a huge difference in your decision making. In most occasions, we are not trapped and do not have to respond instantly.Take advantage of this, either distract yourself until your emotions become less extreme.Especially regarding arguments, we can get caught up and say things we really don’t mean and in one moment we can cause a huge rift in a relationship.There is no reason to make a rash decision when your emotions are on high.

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