The Only Size That Matters

We live in a world so focused on appearance. This can discourage so many people and make them feel hopeless in the pursuit of positive relationships. We all have insecurities, but when they are tied to our physical appearance, it can make us even more anxious on how the world sees us.


 When you begin avoiding certain situations because of your appearance, the world is missing out on you. Your personality is not defined by your appearance, someone who is larger or smaller than average, does not have a defined personality.  So when you decide that you are less deserving of love because your appearance, remember, beautify is defined by how you treat others. You cannot deny yourself love and happiness because you are uncomfortable in your own skin.


  It may feel like others will not give you the time of day because of the way you look, and if that is the case, then they were not worth your time anyways.Loving people do not define others by the size of their body but by the size of their heart. Thats the only size that matters.

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