Personality And Appearance Go Together Like Ice Cream And Rocks


Think about it, what is the similarity between rocks and ice cream?  Maybe the have the same color, maybe the fact that they are composed of matter, but other than that there is really not much in common between the two. Yet there are so many differences…


  One can be used to build a house.While the other is used to fill your belly.One should be left in the freezer, while the other, may be socially unacceptable to store in your freezer.One of them melts in the sun, the other doesn’t.Most ways you look at it, they are exact opposites.Just how personality and appearance are.


  No scientific fact states that personality is defined with the body mass index.Or that people with abs are always nice.When we choose to judge based off of appearance, we truly close off our relation to the world.


 Who defines beauty, or the perfect weight,or height? Define your relationships on the kindness in someones heart, not based off of the tone of our skin, the shape of our jawline, or the definition in our form. Next time you prejudge someone on their appearance, remember it is the same as….


  Believing that all blondes read at a 3rd grade level.People with blue eyes are the devil.People with freckles like to watch others in their sleep.Guys with long hair secretly wish they were women. People with glasses love to read.Someone who is larger in size likes to eat children.And someone of a skinnier size only eats blades of grass and cups of air.


  We never realize how ridiculous our visual prejudices are until we actually interact.

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