Look Beneath The Surface: Standoffish or Shy

If you dislike crowds, get nervous in public or generally believe that people won’t accept you then how do you behave?

Do you walk with a fixed vision on where your going?Do you try to avoid eye contact with others?

Do you find it hard to smile around unfamiliar people?

Do you find it hard having conversations except with the people closest to you?

If you answered these with yes, then I’m sorry, you’re standoffish.Now obviously I’m joking, but you can see how visually the two character traits are similar.This may help you with realizing that the reason others may not reach out to you because of your outward appearance. Also why you may believe that someone you see in public is standoffish and unapproachable.Appearing standoffish and actually being shy is such a common mistake people make.This is why we need to do our best to avoid judging someone on their appearance.

Look beneath the surface

lack of awarenesss leads to a lack of understanding.look beneath the surface
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