It's Hard To Move On

No one has lived a perfect life, without someone lying to them, cheating, death occurring to a loved one, ect. Pain is inflicted all of us in one way or another.  It is our choice how we deal with it.   There will always be a period of higher negative emotion after one of these events, but we have a choice, we can either use that event as fear/worry toward similar events or we can work toward leaving it in the past as a memory and not a crutch.When we tally the wrongs against us, it closes us off from truly experiencing life.


   We hate that we’ve been cheated on, so we distrust future lovers.We hate experiencing death to loved ones, so we distance ourselves from people that make us happy.We think that because something negative has happened before, so we need to do everything in our power to avoid it. That creates a wall between us, and enjoying life.Negative experiences are reminders to be careful, but also a reminder of the beauty in life.It is all about how we choose to perceive them.


  Liars help you truly appreciate the honest ones.Sickness helps you truly appreciate being healthy.Death helps you truly appreciate the finite time you have with loved ones.It is truly your choice how you want to see life, you can tally the negatives and become cynical, or you can put in the work and try to live positively. Don’t reiterate how unforgiving the world has been to you, it just makes it hard to move on to be a happier you.

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