I Hate Them

No one in this world is perfect. And for most of us, we have a few people that just annoy the daylights out of us. People that do things that anger every fiber of our bodies.


  It is completely natural to not vibe with someone, and it is also completely normal to not agree with anything that person does or says. Just because you are not on the same page with someone else because they may be rude, loud, mean, highly opinionated, this that or whatever… does not mean that you need to put energy toward that individual. If you do not like someone, or choose to hate them, your focus becomes negative. Their presence or even the thought of them causes you to leave your better emotions. These people you choose to hate, can knock you out of equilibrium without even interacting with them at all. There is no purpose to give them that power.


  Ever found yourself being angry just because of the way that person talks, or their social media feed, or even just the sight of them draws a negative response?No person should have that power over you. The worst part is, they could probably care less when they see you. So why let them bring you down.  Holding in anger or hatred toward someone, does not effect them. It only hurts you.

Just cause I hate them, doesn’t mean they need to be on my mind.

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