I Always Think The Worst Will Happen

We all know what its like when we look at the future and feel so hopeless on controlling the outcome of the events of our life. Especially related to something we haven’t experienced yet. The future can seem so uncertain which can just tear us apart from the inside, ruminating over the possibilities.


   It always seems like all the options running though our head are just extremely negative. The worst case scenarios are the only possibility. Which most of the time, we know is not true. But when it comes to certain future events, it just seems like we cannot imagine anything possible happening.


   We need to remind ourselves a few things to attempt to lessen the anxiety and worries.We truly do not know the future. Are you a psychic? Can you see the future before it happens?Last time you thought it was the end of the world, was it?Did your worst case scenario ever come true ?
When our emotions are at an all time high, focusing on irrational thoughts, we need to combat them with repetitive positivity and REASON!

If I always think the worst will happen then I always need to fight it with the reminders, that the events never happen the way I thought.

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