Whats The Use Of Feeling Blue

Life is what you make it
  I know you’re thinking they’re like great, another fantastic cliche post.


“Oh my gosh, literally auntie at the church always says when, i’m feeling depressed I just remember that life is what I make of it.“


Bear with me now when I say life is what you make it, it’s true. Some of us were dealt a crappy hand, some of us experience more extreme emotions than others some of us feel.  From there on it is up to us to make the difference make the change. We don’t have to do it alone but we have to be the catalyst, we have to get it started.

Perspective is key. 

  You can’t change your perspective overnight, perspective is just the exact way you see the world or the lens you see certain things through. It’s just about changing your perspective to have a more positive outlook on things and you may say,” oh that’s bs i thought he said in the beginning that this wasn’t going to be like a oh yeah talk yourself into being happy.”  Technically you have to talk yourself into it, but it takes effort.

  If I lost my keys right now, I can’t just wish for my keys to just pop up into my hand. I don’t know why we treat the this emotion of happiness like it will just appear from wishing. We should treat it as the set of keys, we gotta look for it. We can find them because it is tangible, we have felt it before but it has to be looked for so usually the best way to look for happiness is to start looking for a positivity, in all situations.

you can find happy again

  When something else negative pops up in your life you can either say oh great this sucks, why is this always happening to me, bad things just, continuously happen to me. Guess what, you just chose the perspective of somebody whose life sucks. Now let’s change it up a little bit.



  Something negative happens, if you respond “this situation is in my way for a reason,” no, i’m not trying to woo woo mystical stuff, i’m not going to get into spirituality, religion, or any of that, i’m just trying to say that every challenge that comes into your way, if you solve it you are a exponentially more prepared for the next time that something like that happens. 


  Every time that I chose to respond in a in a productive way to a problem, the next time it occurred I didn’t stress as much, I realized “oh, i’ve been through this before” yeah it’s not ideal it is not great but guess what we don’t live all of our lives in 100% comfortability and nor should we look to live all of our lives only being comfortable. When something comes into your way, you can be upset, but handle it move on and on to the next one.



  So the second part is, if you’re not where you want, make a plan. You can whine all day but not being happy about where you’re at, you’re not living in the nicest place, you hate your job, your significant other’s a jerk your, family doesn’t respect you, guess what, all of these are solvable problems you need to make a plan. I’m telling you right now if you have an issue of where you live, but you’re still buying Starbucks everyday guess what it’s still your fault.


  If you are self-sabotaging yourself then why do you then why do you think anybody should feel bad? If you complain to other people that you broke and then you just bought yourself a brand new Iphone, you’re paying for the internet ,you’re paying for all that extra nonsense whose fault is it?



  I was in a dead-end town,I could not find true happiness if I freaking ran into it because the people were narrow-minded, there’s not many good jobs, so guess what I up and made a plan and now I live in Hawaii. But I had to be real with myself first, had to be real with my spending, I had to be real with myself and my emotions because I knew that if I was the same bitter person over there i’d be the same bitter person here.


  If you do not make a plan, if you do not put in the work, nothing changes and i’m not saying that you have to do this all alone either. 



  You can reach out to somebody and ask “hey i’m stuck i need, help can you help me?” instead of “this sucks things won’t get better blah blah blah blah blah look at me i’m a victim blah blah blah blah.”

If you take anything away from today, you can change everything about your life. Sit down, write out what you want and write out how you’re going to get there.What are you willing to sacrifice to be exactly where you want to be? If you need help, send me an email. I love planning this stuff out, but I don’t want the victim mentality. I want someone who wants to change.

whats the use of feeling blue
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