You Don't Need To Fix Me

 You don’t need to solve the problem, you don’t need to fix it when I tell you what’s going on. I just need somebody there to listen to me and show that they care, that’s what’s the most important thing.If’s may take a bit to gather up the strength and energy to finally talk to somebody let them know how I’m feeling.Many times the first go-to is to want to solve the problem but that’s not what I need right now. What I actually want is somebody to listen and to some degree to empathize. You may not completely understand exactly how I feel, or you may absolutely understand.

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  The point is, it’s not about giving the absolute solution or what you believe to be the way to solve this problem. It does not take care of anything by pointing out how itwould be all better if. It maybe the exact way to fix whatever’s going on but that’s not helpful, that just means you weren’t really listening. If you’re listening you’d understand that out of all that whole conversation,
i’m hurting,that’s it. The situation hurt me.

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 You may have the solution, I may have the solution but the situation bothered me and I need somebody to talk to.

  If you’re that person that i’m opening up to, just listen and try and see through the eyes of someone who is being hurt by the situation, not by somebody who needs the answer. 

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