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  I’d like to address a fantastic step to recovery and this would be volunteering or finding work that is meaningful to you.What does that really mean? Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding things in the world and especially if it’s related to something that means something to you.

  That could be volunteering at a dog shelter, helping out children with special needs, coaching a soccer team. There’s many different things, it really just depends on what you’re interested in.You may tell me well i’m not interested in anything, I don’t like anything. Go back to what you used to do as a kid, what interested you? Give that back to somebody else.
  You have a skill, you have a talent, you have something inside of you that somebody else would benefit from. So why don’t you just volunteer to share it.

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  Sometimes it feels like we have no self-worth, especially when depression is a frequent thing or anxiety is frequent or the constant bombardment of negativity is consistently nagging at us. When we are losing our self-worth during this time, sometimes it’s very difficult to gain that back through attempting to do something that we enjoy ourselves like a hobby or anything else that we seek pleasure from.

  We usually can muster up more strength and energy when we know we’re doing it for the right cause or giving back to somebody. It just seems like it is a lot easier. You become more selfless during that time, which helps you detach from the negativity that you’re going through. When you’re out doing this you may absolutely forget about most of your worries for the time being. It is a fantastic and healthy distraction.


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Doing it every day and using that as avoidance, is not healthy but frequently volunteering and giving yourself to others in a positive manner that is not jeopardizing your emotions or sacrificing your other responsibilities.

  If you take anything away from what I said today give it a shot. Go out and volunteer for something that you care about. If you have nothing that you care about go to the animal shelter and volunteer. They’re adorable, pet the kittens, it helps.

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