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We truly appreciate you showing interest in making radical change in your life with us.

Below e have all of our options. Each satisfies a different level of support. Which ever you decide, remember that this an investment in yourself and in your future. Any investment takes some leg work and time.

Our systems and practices are all geared toward laying out a clear and reasonable plan of attack to achieve goals. The biggest issue many people face, is looking at the goal as if it were a giant mountain. There is an immense intimidation factor which is caused by this way of thinking. No one achieves the goal overnight, without a plan, and without consistency.

Small daily actions lead to large outcomes. This is what is going to take you across the finish line. We break each goal into much smaller, reasonable and achievable checkpoints.  Accomplishing these are fantastic milestones for boosting confidence through the experience of progress and completion.


Keep in mind that the true benefit that comes from these types of programs, is that you will begin to create a the natural habit of keeping yourself accountable.


Due to the frequency of our interactions, whether that be through text or call, you will begin to automatically change from the mindset of “it’s okay if its not completed,” to the mindset of “I take care of all my priorities.”


  1. Initial Consultation ( Data Collection)
  2. Receive Automated Daily Accountability Text Messages


Our bronze selection includes the benefits from the free plan but also includes:

  1. A Written Plan Of Action For Accomplishing Your Goals
  2. Weekly Emails To Provide Assistance And Extra Support. Answer Any Questions or Make Adjustments To The Plan Of Action.
  3. Monthly 20 Minute Phone Call


The Silver Selection is the most preferred option. This has the perfect balance of reasonable price and assistance. This has a very high level involvement and support. The plan includes the benefits from the free and basic plans, but also includes:

  1. Weekly 15-20 Minute Check In Phone Calls
  2. Personalized Printable Planner (Say That 10 Times Fast)

Gold AKA. All In

The final plan gives you it all. This is like having your own personal accountability assistant whenever you need them. Having this much support and investment into your future, it will not be a question of “if you will achieve the goals”, the question is when. This plan includes:

  1. 24/7 Daily Call/Text/Email Assistance From Coach
  2. Weekly Phone Calls
  3. Customized Personal Planner
  4. Weekly & Monthly Progress Reports + Calls

How To Make The Most Out Of Our Plans:

Text Messages: The text messages are a daily check in and reminder to ensure that each one of the daily tasks are completed. Receiving reminders can be annoying or frustrating, but ensuring that each task is completed, will also begin to cement the habit of getting tasks done. In the beginning, it is okay to be inconsistent with your time management for completing objectives. This is okay, as long as you do not go to bed without finishing, then the time management skills will come.


Allowing an objective to go unfinished will not happen once you begin losing sleep over not following a daily schedule and using time management.



Phone Calls: The best way to be efficient with the phone calls is to COME PREPARED. The main purpose of these calls is to see how everything is going, if the tasks are getting accomplished, how you feel about your schedule, and to answer any questions or concerns. You can be very prepared for our weekly and monthly phone calls with this form.


(Click Here For Form On Phone Call Questions)



Progress Reports:Progress reports are not to be seen like grades in school. These are points in time where we can see how much is being accomplished, where the trouble lies and this becomes the time where we can make slight adjustments to our plan of action if needed. Below we have a tool to use for progress reports. The form is dedicated to this you may want to keep in mind while we go over the report.



Planner: For the planner to be its most effective,YOU NEED TO USE IT. We highly recommend printing out a copy and having a copy on your mobile device as well to check things off as you go. Putting the tasks in a reminder app is especially smart!

If you have any questions you can send us a message through the contact page (click here) and the FAQ page(click here)

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