My Life Sucks

When experiencing depression, anxiety, hatred or any other negative emotion, it feels like we are trapped in a cell with no way out. The world seems more dark, people seem evil and uncaring. When we are stuck in these emotions, our perspectives are not trained on the positive things around us. We ignore the wonderful things because our mind is only expecting and experiencing negativity.


  Just because there is extreme negativity in our mind, does not mean that everything in our world is negative. I know its cliche, but you truly need to count your blessings. That is the best way to put your foot forward and begin to improve how you feel.Make note of the positive things in your life,


 “There is nothing positive”
 “My life sucks”
 “I’ve never been happy”

 And any other self defeating statement, serve no purpose.These statements are used by people caught up in the negativity who do not feel that they can find the positivity. It is truly a cop out. Even someone born in absolute poverty, in a 3rd world country, without most the things we take advantage of and they can find happiness.Even if you have an emotional disorder/mental illness, that still leaves you no excuse why you cannot find positive. It takes effort. AND IT’S NOT EASY.

You can find positivity, because it is worth it. Practice positive self talk instead of allowing your negative thoughts to not only dominate your mind, but your speech as well.

overcome negative thoughts quotes
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