Mental Health Awareness Matters


Many people know their true inner struggle. Living with mental illness is a life full of inner conflict. The battle between who I want to be and who I am is constantly raging. A fleeting euphoria overwhelmed by ghostly violence, hatred and despair. Overcome the invisible forces that test your trust in yourself and others on a daily basis. Force that smile to try and bring back that happiness you crave. That painful loneliness, even in a close group of ‘friends’. We keep fighting when all hope seems lost.
We exist for those who continue to fight for happiness in the dark and for those who support their loved ones through pain. Who wants to know what it’s like to connect and listen to other caring individuals. We are here because we understand what it is like to deal with mental illness. Bringing together families of people who respect others and want to make a difference.Mental Health Awareness Matters!

Mental Health Support Is The GOAL

These days it’s hard to really have something that motivates you to get up in the morning yes you may be driven to achieve your goals of trying to be the best in the office, getting a promotion, playing a sport. But do we have any goals that aren’t just about us?
Is there if you search deep in your heart and your mind right  now, what drives you? If it’s not your dream for the future, if it’s not something you’ve always wanted to achieve, or helping out your  family or anything like that. Then stand for someone means go out and help others. Change your mindset from how can I help me to how can I make a difference in someone’s life. Be that the shining example of how humans are supposed to be. In public you’re a kind caring human being. Try to go above and beyond when you see somebody, don’t just walk by, instead now you’re gonna walk up to them and ask how they are doing , say hi, give a smile.
The problem is that we have been so so focused on our phones, so focused on stuff that doesn’t really matter that we’re ignoring the people around us. Live with your head up and look around.  So if you’re feeling all right be a little caring and kind to somebody else and if you’re having a bad day you’re going to be hopeful that somebody’s gonna be a little extra positive towards you, it’s just a give-and-take.
The more and more people who believe in it, we can have  more of a supporting society. Which I know is very naive  but it’s also possible, then the outliers who decide to be purposefully rude and negative, will stand out more and we can ignore them.
There are a lot of people out there who can’t speak up for themselves, whether they are not capable emotionally, physically capable. There are people out there dealing with severe mental who cannot communicate their needs. Or people dealing with physical disabilities that make it much harder.  If can and you feel confident in your heart,  then stand for them!
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