I want to talk about another fantastic step to recovery and this is meditating. It’s a fantastic tool I know many of you may associate it with woo-woo and spirituality but yes it does have a spiritual side to it but it also has a proven mental and scientific aspect to it.

Meditating allows you to shut out the outside, you don’t turn off all your senses but they become duller as you start to focus on what’s inside. When that happens and you just become observant, you start observing the thoughts that pass by.

Meditation is a practice. So if you frequently practice this, you will get better.


You will do better at dealing with your thoughts as they pop up and allowing them to pass by instead of acknowledging and attaching to them.and dwelling on them.

When you initially start meditating, it’s going to feel like your mind’s going a thousand times a minute, your body wants to get up and move. You want to think about the future, you want to think about the past you want to think about something that you got to do next and that’s okay.

A great app to use is headspace and youtube also has some fantastic beginner guided meditations that help you just quiet your mind and it breaks it down into little steps. So it’s pretty easy to handle. Once you begin meditating, you might start to realize after possibly the first few days but definitely within the first week, the thoughts that used to just come into your head and linger, now just float away without you entertaining them as much.

This is truly crucial because you start realizing that not every single one of your thoughts has meaning or purpose. some of the thoughts are stupid stupid ideas we have. I mean you can’t just believe everything that pops up in your mind. Especially when self-doubt pops up. Even if you do 5 minutes a day 10 minutes a day works and it adds up.

You cannot believe that the first time is going to be the solution or the second time or the third time or the fourth or even the 20th. The point is a consistent regiment of different tools and practices that help you deal with your emotions and keep you calm.

If you take anything away from what I said today give meditating a shot and don’t just give up right away don’t do it for a week try it for 30 days just 10 minutes a day I’m pretty sure you’ll notice a difference.


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