January: International Quality Of Life Month 2023

International quality of life month 2023 self love

What does it mean to you when you think about your quality of life? Are you thinking about how much money you currently have, the lifestyle you live, the security you feel in regards to safety, if your basic needs of food, water and shelter are met, or maybe quality of life to you, means having supporting and loving relationships. No matter what, all of these different pieces to the quality of life pie. Our life goal is very much based off of how we were brought up and all of the different experiences we’ve had. Each of these events and experiences are responsible for shaping the hierarchy of needs for ourselves, creating the list of things that define “quality” in our lives.

Being raised in a certain situation, we may define quality of life as having  a roof over our heads, food to eat and water to drink. This is a very grateful and optimistic view of the world, but also can be caused by early life circumstances relating to lack of funds, scarcity mentality  or hopefully, just being raised by some very grateful adults. Another person’s definition may be, life is only going well when I have solid, supportive and loving relationships with my friends and family. No matter what the reasoning behind it, much of our life is dedicated toward achieving some type of perceived goal in regards to our quality of living.

With all of that in mind, this is month to really look at what we want out of life, what we want to achieve, things we want to improve and things we would like to remove. Examine your life and really focus on what’s your goal. Setting a goal is one of the big leaps toward making a difference in your life. Being able to visualize or conceptualize a specific experience that you’d like to reach.

We cannot just stop with the idea or goal. Now we need to create a plan of action. This is easier than you may think. Just break apart the goal into small check points. If my goal is to lose 20 lbs, I’ll set my goal time at 6 months. Then break down small check points, like losing 4 lbs a month, or one pound a week, this also would set you on track to losing the goal weight faster. 


  After setting check points, we try to solve the problem of, how to lose one pound a week. With some quick Google searches or common sense, we can figure out a large list of contributing factors.  If we can make a goal actually seem achievable, we will be more likely to give it a shot.

No matter what you decide to add, or take away from your daily practices, remember gratitude. We must be great full for all the things in our life, all the people and the more we practice this, the more positive we will feel about our lives. The little things begin to bother us less and we truly become more happy in the moment.

Take advantage of International Quality Of Life Month. Create a goal, break down a reasonable plan of action, and make a difference in your life.

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