I'm Hurting And I Don't Know What To Do

When someone has hurt us, at the time it feels like the best thing to, is get even and hurt them back. This eye for an eye type of thinking is very outdated, and useless. When someone hurts you, and you retaliate…. do you really feel better? Attacking negativity with negativity, only prolongs the pain. Hurting others only expands the hurt in yourself. It does not assist in it going away.


  When someone brings you down, your goal is to deal with the emotions that they have caused you, and respond positively to give the least amount of power to the negativity. Just because the sting may not subside for a while, when you deal with it properly from the start, it eases the moving on process. It may seem foreign, but when a friend or loved one brings you down…


  Do you want to keep the relationship? Or do you want to begin the destruction of it?

Sometimes people are the cause of our hurting, without realizing how their words have effected us. So instead of continuing the cycle of pain, let them know how you feel and work through it with them. If working through it with them doesn’t work, then sometimes the best option is temporary space. Either way, when you choose to embrace negativity and lash back at others, you never feel better about it, you’re only prolonging the hurt for you.


  When you’re caught up in pain. Whether you’re stuck in a rough patch in life; taking care of a dying family member, you yourself are very I’ll, at a job that makes you miserable, or being tormented by others…You have no right take it out on others, nor should you want to.


  When you are hurting from whatever reason, the best thing you can do, is consciously look for positivity and consciously try to speak positivity.It is always especially difficult at this time.But if your negative experiences elsewhere, trickle into the unaffected areas, things only get worse. Put in that extra effort when you are around others to be positive and it truly will help you deal with your other circumstances.


  Anyways, no one deserves to have you mistreat them because you’re having a bad day. You can always try to vent and blow off some steam, but there is a right way to do that without attacking those trying to help.Choosing to look for light when you are surrounded by darkness, will pay off in time and the light will outshine the dark.


When I’m Hurting And I Don’t Know What To Do, I take a step back.
I try to explain my feelings. I try not to attack.
But sometimes, space and time work the best.






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