(S:)I will conquer you, you do not and will not own me.

You could apply this quote to anything but today I’m talking about MI!! 🧠
It’s so important to not let this illness control you OR define you ⛔️
I don’t know what has changed in my head lately but something has clicked, where My inner dialogue is speaking sense 🙌🏽 anddddd it’s controlling the illness, not the other war round. .
When I’m getting a thought, I’m saying no! And instantly changing my thoughts to the present and taking in what I can see and hear around me… don’t get me wrong, I have made some compulsions at times but at the end of the day progression is progression…
You can make progression with compulsions at times… progression does not mean perfection. .
Was Rome built in a day with absolutely no road bumps along the way?


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