Stop Saying

You know those things that people say that you’re just like, “why do you think that is socially acceptable to say that?”
We’re gonna address those. People sometimes make just the wrong comments when it comes to our personalities, our bodies, our
appearance. They may think they’re being nice or helpful when really they’re just being kind of an ass.

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“you should eat more”
“looking a little thin”
“maybe you shouldn’t eat so much”
“maybe you should watch your portion size”
“oh my gosh you’re wasting away”
“you know I got this wonderful remedy for facial acne it will clear that right up in a week”
“did you know charcoal is super good for cleaning out the yellow teeth and all the plaque and whatnot?”
By now I think you get the point, all of these comments are coming from a well-intentioned place but these are pretty hurtful comments especially if you’re dealing with self-image issues. These comments are really just unnecessary.


If someone doesn’t ask, don’t make the comment. There’s a rule, it’s if you cannot fix the issue within 30 seconds then don’t make a comment about it.That means if it is about someone’s body weight, about a skin condition, about a stutter anything that cannot be fixed in 30 seconds then there is no need for the comment. It’s absolutely okay to say hey you got a little something hanging right there in your teeth, or you got something on your shirt or your zipper’s undone, depending.

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If you take anything away from today, there is no reason to be making comments about things that people cannot fix immediately.

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