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  Journaling is one of the best types of calming methods/coping mechanisms that i’ve seen. Therapists that I’ve worked with highly recommended to every single one of their patients. Many people swear by it, myself i’m not the best at it.My journaling usually just becomes short notes and but we’ll get into that. The point is today we’re going to talk about this incredible method of calming your mind and easing those emotions, it’s journaling.  The great thing about journaling that I really want to touch on is just taking whatever is up in your mind box and putting it out there into the real world on the paper.


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  Now some of you may know, when you talk out a problem it sometimes makes more sense when you verbalize it. It’s almost the same thing, you can actually just start writing out what is going wrong and it can you detach from what’s happening to you when putting it right on paper. Once it’s on that paper now you can work with it, now it’s information that is out there for you to try to view it subjectively. 

  That is a beautiful point where you can actually make some change or realize that you know something that you’re dwelling on, i’m not saying it is not a big of a deal or maybe you actually realize that it doesn’t have as much importance.  Or you realize the problem is manageable whatever it is you’re going to come to your own conclusion while writing things out but you’ll realize that writing it out does have the potential to help.



  If you don’t want to write out what’s going on, then you can actually journal about positive things. I mean why not
journal about positive things, that’s unheard of. (sarcasm) You can actually journal about things that you’re grateful for. I usually start my day with a 5 to 10 list of things I’m grateful for. I try to go from tangible to intangible things Obviously i’m going to be grateful that I have a roof over my head but then I want to be grateful for the positive relationships that I have with my significant other.

  I try to focus on something that I have an emotional tie to, so the more specific we get, the more makes you feel better because you’re going into those emotions instead of staying stuck in the kind of crappy emotion you’re in right now.Not only can you journal about positive things and the negative things that are going on, you can also just write stories. 


   I love writing stories. As kids we may have loved hearing ridiculous stories that our parents have told us, some of you may not, some of you may love listening to your parents read your textbooks or something. The point is, make a story make a story of something funny, something scary, a romance novel do whatever just start





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  Knowing that you have something that you can go to whenever you’re feeling stressed out you can remember “oh I can go and work on my story” and then you can get immersed in that world that you’re creating yourself. You get to have the control over everything and having control in one aspect it may be just a small little world that you created but having that control really is beneficial to your emotions, it does help out a lot.


  The last two wonderful things I want to touch on for journaling is really just write down things you like, it could be the color blue, it could be flowers, it could be lamp, it could be anything just just write down something that you like.That can make you feel better. Don’t write one thing don’t just write two things, make a list of lots of lists of things that you like. That’s gonna point out that there are things in this world that make you happy because sometimes when you’re feeling depressed, anxious, like you hate the world…sometimes the greatest thing to do is point out the things that you like even if it’s a few.

  The other thing that is fantastic to journal about is things that you look forward to so it could be something that you’re going to do that you’re excited about. It may be even going to just your niece’s basketball game, but it’s something that you are looking forward to. You can also include your goals as the things you look forward to.Write down your goals every single day, so you have something to go to and you can say look this is what I want. Then you can make a plan say okay, now this is what i’m going for.

When you’re feeling bad and you’re focusing on where you want to be or what you want to do, sometimes it helps you get through it.    


  Especially if you’re in school right now, you got four years, six years, eight years, having that reminder can help you feel closer to that end goal and give hope. Feeling better can be a huge mountain to look at but when we add these coping skills to our tool belt, each day has the possibility of getting easier.

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