Do It For YourSelf

The approval of others is something many of us have tried to achieve. Whether that be through the way we speak, the stories that we tell others about ourselves, especially regarding our intelligence or appearance. We want to appear more interesting, and more likable. Some of us have gone to the lengths of working out to be more attractive to others, choosing diets because that is whats “in”,  reading on topics to impress others and so on. When you try to adjust yourself for someone, is the exact opposite of “do it for yourself.”

self improvement quotes relentless nature macintyre felton
do not define yourself self worth quotes relentless nature macintyre felton

Your self improvement is not supposed to be based off of attention from others. It truly is not  a solid piece of motivation to work toward a goal for someone else. Do not define yourself by what you believe others want from you.

Do not just embark on a journey for the acceptance from another. If someone doesn’t like you for you, then that is their problem. You should put time and effort in to things that should make you happy.Especially when we are dealing with your appearance. You are beautiful no matter what, you do not have to change how you look to receive more love.

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