It can grab a solid hold of our lives. Cloaking your vision in a dreary and hopeless haze. Everything you do seems like a failure, nothing seems to be working, and everyone seems to be against you.
   Feeling like every step you take is useless and there is no moving forward in your life. When we feel like this, we need to focus even on the small wins.
    Our mind may be telling us that there is nothing to be proud of, no  win in sight or in our memories, but that can be further from the truth and the fact that you are still alive and pushing against it, is a win.
   We truly need to realize, that even getting up on our worst days, and getting out of bed,
is still a big win.
Don’t forget it.
We get so caught up in the moment, we forget to remember how lucky we are.
When experiencing depression, anxiety, hatred or any other negative emotion, it feels like we are trapped in a cell with no way out. The world seems more dark, people seem evil and uncaring. When we are stuck in these emotions, our perspectives are not trained on the positive things around us.
  We ignore the wonderful things because our mind is only expecting and experiencing negativity. 
Just because there is extreme negativity in our mind, does not mean that everything in our world is negative. 
I know its cliche, but you truly need to count your blessings.
 That is the best way to put your foot forward and begin to improve how you feel.
  Make note of the positive things in your life, 
“There is nothing positive”
“My life always sucks” 
“I’ve never been happy”
And any other self defeating statement, serve no purpose.
  These statements are used by people caught up in the negativity who do not want to put in the effort to find the positivity.
 It is truly a cop out. Even someone born in absolute poverty, in a 3rd world country,
 without most the things we take advantage of and they can find happiness.

    Even if you have an emotional disorder/mental illness, that still leaves you no excuse why you cannot find positive. 
It takes effort.
You can find positivity, because it is worth it.
And there are so many things in this world to be grateful for, you are very lucky.
Sometimes it’s hard to see it, and thats okay.
But NEVER STOP searching for your happiness.
  Our subconscious thoughts are considered to be passive. For the most part, they are out of our control. We do not just get to
 pick and choose when they pop up or what they are about. The thoughts can be truly upsetting, especially 
if they are repetitive on a severely negative subject. 
   If you think about it, any obsessive thought it starts off  being a passive subconscious thought and since it repeats, 
we consciously begin to hyper focus on it as well. 

These thoughts seem to jump from our subconscious mind to a conscious worry when they have any way of being 
possible in reality (even if they are far from the truth), ie. Your significant other is cheating, you’re not worthy of 
happiness, someone doesn’t love you, you will fail, ect.
  We believe that these thoughts own us. How do we stop something that just pops up into our heads?
Active positivity is the only way to combat passive negativity.
  At times it can be so difficult, the negative thoughts can truly bring us to our lows.But it takes EFFORT!
You need to find things you can turn to that makes you happy or at least topics that begin to
 redirect your thoughts away from the nonsense that your subconscious throws at you.

When we are at our best, the random subconscious thoughts don’t even phase us, but when we aren’t on top, the
seem to dominate our minds and bring us to our knees.
Searching for things that you’re grateful for, positive memories, things you love to do… you just need to truly put in 
the effort to find the positive in anything.Having someone to talk to can truly help.

Put in the effort,
find the positive,
and don’t give up.

Sometimes we give up right before things begin to get better, 
Don’t stop till you can find your smile.

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