Sunrise Time: Rise And Grind

You’re probably saying to yourself, what the hell does sunrise time have to do with anything? Everything and nothing. Most of the greatest turning points, have a threshold. The threshold is the turning point from problem to solution. I like to label it, Sunrise Time aka time to RISE AND GRIND. This is the pointContinue reading “Sunrise Time: Rise And Grind”

How To Gain Power Over Intrusive Thoughts

How To Gain Power Over Intrusive Thoughts So picture this… you are standing on a platform at a train station, you then get an intrusive thought coming in but instead of allowing the thought to take over your brain, you watch the thought board the train and simply go away 🚂 🧠.This is a simpleContinue reading “How To Gain Power Over Intrusive Thoughts”

I’m Hurting And I Don’t Know What To Do

I’m Hurting And I Don’t Know What To Do When someone has hurt us, at the time it feels like the best thing to, is get even and hurt them back. This eye for an eye type of thinking is very outdated, and useless. When someone hurts you, and you retaliate…. do you really feelContinue reading “I’m Hurting And I Don’t Know What To Do”

Paradigm Shift:Hi Happy, I found you.

Hi Happy, I Found You. Odd way to start off, but it is incredible when you change the paradigm on how you view happiness. Treat your happiness like it is something you misplaced, like an object.When you think about it this way, you see happiness as something that is obtainable.Frequently you have seen happiness asContinue reading “Paradigm Shift:Hi Happy, I found you.”

Why do I…?

Every single one of our traits can be traced back to an event, series of events, family, or from insight taught by another. Many of these traits were triggered at a young age, which causes many of us as adults to wonder, “Why do I…?” Look at our traits that may be seen as toxic,Continue reading “Why do I…?”

Look Beneath The Surface: Body Shaming

We live in a world so focused on appearance leading to body shaming. This can discourage so many people and make them feel hopeless in the pursuit of positive relationships. We all have insecurities, but when they are tied to our physical appearance, it can make us even more anxious on how the world seesContinue reading “Look Beneath The Surface: Body Shaming”