It feels like we are trapped in a cell with no way out. The world seems more dark, people seem evil and uncaring. When we are stuck in these emotions, our perspectives are not trained on the positive things around us.
  We ignore the wonderful things because our mind is only expecting and experiencing negativity. Just because there is extreme negativity in our mind, does not mean that everything in our world is negative. 
  We must choose persistence. It is possible to overcome. Our mind can be our worst enemy, our emotions can be a double edged sword consistently turned against us.
We just need to keep trying and keep reminding ourselves that the world is not out to get us.
Do your anxious feelings make it so unbearable where you have to go out of your way
in extreme ways in avoidance of people, places or things?
Challenge negative thoughts.
Ask yourself: Is this a productive thought? Is it helping me get closer to my goal? If it’s just a negative thought you’re rehashing,
then you must be able to say to that thought: ‘Stop.’ “That’s difficult to do, but it’s very important,”
Rather than becoming paralyzed with the anxious thoughts, here’s another message you can send yourself:
“I may have to take a job I don’t like as much, may have to travel further than I want, but I’ll do what I have to do now.
At least I will have the security of income in the short term. Then I can look for something better later.”
The most important thing:
“to realize when you’ve done everything you can, that you need to move forward,”
 Try not to compound your problems
“When things are bad, there is a legitimate reason to feel bad,”
“But if you don’t deal with it, you’re going to lose more than just a job — you’ll lose relationships, your self confidence, you could even lose technical abilities if you stay dormant in your profession.”
Try not to compound one stress by adding another.
Often your ability to work through anxiety — get past it — varies depending on the type of crisis you faced.
“The more severe, the more surprising it was, the longer it’s going to take to get over it,You may be on autopilot for several weeks.
If you’re depressed, that can complicate things. In the case of divorce, it may take months to years to really get back to yourself.”
If you’re doing well in one aspect of your life —
in your work or your relationships — you’re probably on your way,
Fear and anxiety are no longer running your life.
Reassuring yourself of this can concrete the feeling of success or control over your anxiety.
There are many different coping mechanisms that can help you deal with your anxiety. The negative thoughts coursing through our heads do not want us to try to improve. There will be resistance for a while, especially while you are fighting against the frequently occurring harmful thoughts. choose to persist. it isn’t going to feel successful the first try, the second or even after the 10th try. we cannot give up just because results aren’t immediate. Anxiety does not own you, your thoughts do not define you.

give yourself a chance, it is worth it to try. just make it a daily habit to try one of the coping mechanisms for anxiety, and don’t get discouraged when the thoughts continue, just keep going

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