Advocate And Get Involved


It can be difficult trying to figure out where to start.

Bringing about change can seem like an impossible task. The wonderful news is, each person does truly make a difference.

  Each signature, each post, each letter to congress truly helps bring about the change that can make the lives of so many people, so much better.

  It truly takes an incredible person to have such an interest in making a difference. 



NAMI is a big leader in making changes for our rights. Check it out, sign the petition and be a part of the change!

NAMI Awareness Events

The National Alliance On Mental Illness Hosts Many Events To Help Bring Awareness To The Cause!

Join Mental Health America's National Advocacy Network

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Another easy way to get started on the journey of advocacy is to share! Share a blog you wrote, or share someone elses’. The point is to fill social media with positive, uplifting content that gives others hope.

Show someone that they are not alone:)

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